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How to incrust srt subtitle in a MP4 file

How to incrust srt subtitle in a MP4 file

Converter Pro allow you to incrust SRT subtitle in a MP4 video. There is a preset for that !

Requirements : The input file and the srt file must have the exactly same name (except extension) and must be in the same folder as above.

Input video file : /Users/you/Movies/Tests/SRT/example.avi
Input subtitle file : /Users/you/Movies/Tests/SRT/

Rename your srt file like above if needed.

Once you’re ready just :

1. Add the input video  file in the app « Converter Pro » (It work also with AVI to Any, MKV to Any, and so on …)

2. In the field « Preset filter » in the right of the app (see screenshot) enter the text srt

Preset filter in use

Use preset filter to directly get the preset you need

3. Select the format « MP4 SRT »
4. Go, click convert !
5. Wait the end of encoding and click Reveal in finder to see your new file

IMPORTANT : When you play the new file with VLC or Quick Time, the subtitle are not displayed by default. You must go to the video menu and select the subtitle.

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