Add your files

Just drag and drop your files:


Select the preset :


Click Start to launch the process :


Click to Reveal file in Finder:


Preferences / Settings


  1. Number of CPU
    This options allows you to set the number of files to be processed simultaneously. By default, this value is set to 3. You can change this value to reflect the power of your Mac.
  2. Retrieve file informations
    When you add a file to the queue, the application scans the file to retrieve information such as size, type of file, video information, audio (bitrate, size, …). By default this value is set to yes.
  3. Continue in case of error
    Processing a file (Converting audio, video, generate a report, …) is treated in one or more step depending on the selected preset. If an error occurs during a step the process is stopped by default. If you want to treat the following steps if an error occur you must set this preference to YES.
  4. Default preset
    When you add a file in queue, the App assign to these files the default preset. You can modify this value as you want.

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